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Gambia & South East Senegal Tambakunda Kedougou Highland Water fall of Dindefelo

8 Nights ADVENTURE indepth insight Up The River Gambia to South East of senegal Niokolokoba National Park to Mali Border Distination KEDOGOU, land of man the Silver land and Connected to the Bassari Country: Bassari, Fula and Bedik Cultural Landscapes The site, located in south-east Senegal, includes three geographical areas: the Bassari–Salémata area, the Bedik–Bandafassi area and the Fula–Dindéfello area, each with its specific morphological traits. The Bassari, Fula and Bedik peoples settled from the 11th to the 19th centuries and developed specific cultures and habitats symbiotic with their surrounding natural environment. The Bassari landscape is marked by terraces and rice paddies, interspersed with villages, hamlets and archaeological sites. The Bedik villages are formed by dense groups of huts with steep thatched roofs.Part of of world heritage site.

DAY 1 :

Arrival at Banjul air port transfer to Abcas Creek Lode . Early arrival Bike tour To Bintang Bolong to see the Village and old Day Prutugeese Port

DAY 2 :

Breakfast and a boat trip to the mangrove vegetaion to Bintang Bolong locally named Creek and continue our Day to south east Border town of Basse . Visit the local industries and cotton Farm at the east and local villages to Park Niokolokoba

DAY 3 :

Along day safari at the Park Niokoloko and Lunch , after lunch we Cross the middle of the Park to ward Kedogu land of Man, lots of stop Local Village of Tomburunkoto , for the silver mines and to Dinde fello Village, if Possible visit the Cascade water fall this evening and the nest morning.

DAY 4 :

After Breakfast visit the Water fall and take a morning shower and back to the Camp to continue our route to Bedik culture and Drive Back to Wassadougou

DAY 5 :

Boat trip in the Gambia River before we take off to the Gambia , Cross to the north at Basse to kuntaur for a evening boat to River Gambia National Park for wild life and chimps , Hippos

DAY 6 :

Morning Drive by the South Cross the Sebegambia Bridge ,to Tendaba Camp for a boat trip and over night

DAY 7 :

From Tendaba , visit makasutu , Brikama Craft Market and Tanji VILLAGE MESEUM

DAY 8 :

City Tour, Batic Factory, Banjul

Day 1 : Night / Lodge

Abcas Creek lodge /Bintang Dinner ARRIVALS

Day 2 : Night / Lodge

Simenti lodge .. at Niokolokoba Park and view of the Gambia river and wild life Sport Lights are well come.

Day 3 : Night / Lodge

Over night ( Campament Dindefelo ) made out of the stone from the Mountain.

Day 4 : Night / Lodge

Wassadougou Camp

Day 5 : Night / Lodge

Kairo Garden or camp around

Day 6 : Night / Lodge

Tendaba Camp

Day 7 : Night / Lodge

Tanji Bird Reserve Camp.

Day 8 : Night / Lodge

New masuu Eco Lodge