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An early start is needed, as the drive from your hotel to the Makasutu cultural forest takes just under one hour. Makasutu is a palm forest situated on the banks of a beautiful meandering tributary of the River Gambia at Madina Bolong. It encompasses many different ecosystems, including dense forest, savannah and mangrove regions. The forest is home to hundreds of varieties of birds, three species of monkeys, monitor lizards, pygmy deer and mongoose, to name but a few. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of migrating baboons who make the forest their home for a number of months each year Upon arrival at Makasutu, you will have the chance for tea, coffee or some other form of refreshment. A walk to the wildlife museum then follows, where a short talk will be given on the work the museum is undertaking for the wildlife of The Gambia. During your day, there are many different activities on offer, including river trips in traditional dugout canoes, guided walks through the forest, bird watching and animal observation. On the canoe trip, while drifting down the waters you will see the abundance of wildlife and fishermen and women collecting oysters from the mangrove. This is very relaxing trip and has some wonderful views of the region. After the boat trip, there is the opportunity to go on a bush walk, where you can see some of the wonderful flora and fauna of the area, plus some of the animals mentioned above. A drive back to base camp then follows, where lunch will be waiting for you. This is a real treat, consisting of some of the best African dishes in this region, including Benechin, Domada and Yassa. While you enjoy your food, you can watch traditional dancers and drum troupes perform on the natural stage under the shade of the majestic Baobab tree. While at base camp, there is also the opportunity to participate in or simply observe pottery making, African cooking, furniture making, carving and dancing and drumming. A truly wonderful day.


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